Small Scale

Miniature taxidermy and hunting trophies.

Red Deer Trophy.  Unboxed: 10 x 18 x 10cm. Boxed: 22 x 32 x 11cm

Deer Skull Trophy (large box version). Unboxed: 19 x 13.5 x 12cm.  Boxed: 32 x 22 x 11cm

White Goat Trophy. Unboxed: 11 x 16 x 9.5cm.  Boxed: 22 x 32 x 11cm

Miniature Hunting Trophy Collection. Autumn 2012

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Second Nature

Faux animal skull wall mounted ornament.  2012. MDF (w.53cm  x h.76cm x d.30cm). 

Interpretations of the classic hunting trophy made from the detritus of urban life.

Faux animal skull wall mounted vases.  2012. MDF,  glass (w.53cm  x h.76cm x d.30cm).  Pink and red branches optional.

Faux animal skull wall mounted hat stand.  2012. MDF,  glass (w.53cm  x h.76cm x d.30cm).

Faux animal skull wall mounted vases.  2012. MDF,  glass (w.53cm  x h.76cm x d.30cm).  Pink and red branches optional.

Deer Head. 2013. Various wood types and paint. 

Deer Head. 2012, painted wood, polyester resin (w. 52cm X h. 69cm X d. 32cm)

Goat Head. 2012, wood, polyester resin, paint (24 x 42 x 34cm)

Stag Head Recycled Hunting Trophy
Stag Head. 2012, wood, string, acrylic paint (113 x  62 x  58cm)

Goat skull ritual object made from Lego bricks. 2012 (42 x 27 x 32cm) 

Technology/Biology 2012. MDF, glass vase,  acrylic paint (62 x 63 x 44cm)

Reindeer Head. 2011

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A - Z

"M" (Framed version) 180mg paper, 25 x 36.5 cm

The A-Z of Misconduct. Handmade blockprints on paper.

The rest of the series is on the way...

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Large Dog

Masks to wear or display.
Green Man
Beaked Bird
Skull 1 Full Face

Large Dog 2 

Large Dog 3

Skull Half Face


Female Half Face

Plague Doctor

Female Full Face

Male Full Face With Feathers


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Costume Accessories. Badges and brooches. Sculpted and cast resin items to wear.

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Down Boy! In location, April 2012. MDF (76 x 232 x 57 cm)
Instant anti-paleontology for garden spaces.

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On The House

DIY props. Download, print out, assemble...

Download and print the PDF file to create the Dirty Dog mask.

Download from ( or (

Creative Commons License
The On The House project and Dirty Dog by Scale Works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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